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Month: January 1990

Car Battery Replacement Service from $100

Call 9455 3551 for 24 car battery replacement islandwide service.

These are some symptoms of weak or dying car batteries:

  • engine cranks but does not start
  • no crank, does not start, no lights
  • engine is not consistent when starting; sometimes engine starts, sometimes engine does not start
  • cold cranking is hard work
  • you have been jumping it a lot

Why choose us:

  • Over 90 years of experience in battery production
  • Car batteries are made in Europe
  • Silver Calcium technology
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What NOT to do when your car breaks down | Car Breakdown Service Singapore

If your vehicle is broken down and you are waiting for a car towing vehicle to arrive, these are 3 things you should not do. For your own safety,

  • Do not remain in or around the breakdown vehicle
  • Do not stand in front of the stationary vehicle as you risk getting injured if the vehicle is hit from the rear
  • Do not attempt to direct the traffic

Call 9455 3551 for 24 hour, 365 day Car Breakdown Service

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5 things to do when your car breaks down

You’re cruising along the¬†highway when suddenly, your car sputters, slows down and your engine stops. Here’s what you should do in the event that your vehicle breaks down.

  • Switch on the hazard lights
  • If your vehicle can be driven, move it to the side of the road
  • Call our 24 car tow hotline at 9455 3551
  • Place your breakdown signage 60m behind the vehicle
  • Open your car hood and trunk to alert other drivers
  • Wait behind the road barriers for assistance

24 hour, 365 days car towing service in Singapore

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